November Partner Letter

Dear Partner,

Dara and I spent ten days working in two separate locations. I have been in New Jersey and New York working Hurricane Sandy response. Dara was working with Abundant Life Campus as they continue their work housing volunteer teams that are rebuilding Joplin.

Finally reunited this week we are now focusing 100% on relief efforts in the Northeast. Sandy has been a devastating storm. We continue to see families that lost everything, struggle to make ends meet, and many are still without heat and power.

Pictured to the right is John with his two sons. We came across them on Staten Island where we spent the better part of a day helping them gut out the first floor of their house. They lost everything on the first floor, as well as their car.

We have been working with Renaissance Church in Summit, NJ to help Worship & Praise Community Church in Staten Island, NY. We have also been working with New Beginnings Christian Church in Brick, NJ. We plan to continue working with both churches until Dec. 1st. At that time we’ll re-evaluate our commitment.


Thank you and God bless,

Scott & Dara Simons
Directors, Right Side Up Ministries

• Present- Dec. 1st- Sandy Response- New Jersey
• Dec 9- Dec 15- Tornado Relief Joplin, MO

Believe With Us
• 100 monthly partners by 2013
• Finances for incorporation process
• New Mac Book Pro
• 2012 Chevy Tahoe 4×4 w/Tow Kit

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