Partner Letter

October 2013 Partner Letter

partner-letter-october-2013-01When we arrived at Nick’s house he was visibly distraught. He had no idea what to do next. When we asked him what he wanted us to do his response was, “Let’s walk and the work will present itself.” After about twenty minutes of talking to him, we came up with a plan and started to put it to action. As we were working he began to tell us the stories of how things use to be: how he had several cars that had very low mileage and were now a complete loss. He told us how he had been working non stop since the flood to get some level of normalcy back. As he talked and shared his story, we began to see a glimmer of light come back to his eyes.

Soon after, the Billy Graham Rapid Response chaplains arrived to see how Nick was doing. They walked with him, listened to the same stories we had just heard, and asked questions when appropriate. Within an hour the chaplains came to us to let us know that Nick had just given his life to Christ. We circled up to pray and as Nick approached there was a noticeable difference in his eyes. He had a joy he did not have when we first arrived. Nick had found the hope that we all cling to in our time of need. He had found the eternal love and support of the Father that he could only get through His Son Jesus.

The next night Nick came to have dinner with us and he shared with us how overwhelming it had felt to see so much love from total strangers. His heart was so touched that he began to get choked up as he told of all the work that was done for him, for free!

As we walk like the feet of Jesus, help like the hands of Jesus, and love like the heart of Jesus, we cannot help but to impact the lives of those we come in contact with. Nick is living proof that we can help someone and give them hope for a day, or we can teach someone about Jesus and give them hope for a lifetime!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support as we continue this deployment in Niwot, CO.

God bless,

Scott and Dara Simons