Partner Letter

May Partner Letter

Tornado season is here in full force. It seems that every week now pictures of towns ripped apart by tornadoes flood our television screens. Our hearts break with those who have lost so much- belongings, homes, businesses, and loved ones. And yet we are excited to see the outpouring of the Body of Christ yet again. Volunteers from churches and Christian organizations have flooded these different disaster areas to show the love of Christ to those in need.

Feeding Volunteers in BaxterWe have spent most of the last two weeks helping Abundant Life Campus in Joplin serve their neighboring town of Baxter Springs, Kansas by feeding volunteers and residents two hot meals a day. We count it a real blessing to be able to be a part of the Body of Christ coming together and supporting each other in their time of need. It really is as close to heaven as we can get on earth. This disaster response has looked different for us in many ways. While Scott got to run his chainsaw for a few days, most of our time in Baxter Springs has been spent handing out hamburgers and hot dogs to hungry workers, and quite a few thankful neighborhood kids. We have gotten to know some familiar faces, and have heard stories of heartbreak, loss and struggle. Mostly we have been reminded of our mission to help the local church serve a disaster-struck community in whatever way God has put on the pastor’s heart. We have been reminded that serving does not always look the same. But serving always requires the same sacrifice, love, and commitment.

Thank you for helping us serve the community of Baxter Springs during a time of need. And thank you in advance for helping us to serve wherever God sends us next, in whatever way is required.