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Life With Christ

“Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure” – Pope John Paul II. I think if there was a quote that defined our ministry, family, marriage, and our lives, this would be it. I never sat around as a child and dreamed of a normal American life. I dreamed of a life full of adventure and… Continue reading Life With Christ


Are You Prepared?

There is no question that every year the weather gets crazier and crazier. With tornado season already in full affect, the experts tell us now that we can expect this hurricane season to be the worst in record. Even if you don't live in tornado alley or the Gulf Coast region, a flood plain, or… Continue reading Are You Prepared?

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Louisiana Flooding

It's impossible to watch the news without hearing stories about what is going on in Louisiana with the recent flooding. Some are calling it the 500 year flood. It has been said to be the worst natural disaster since Super Storm Sandy in 2012. With tens of thousands of homes damaged or destroyed this storm… Continue reading Louisiana Flooding