Partner Letter

August Partner Letter

Louisiana Flooding As we watch the news coverage of the recent flooding in Louisiana, our hearts are torn knowing how difficult this time is for so many. We also know the hope that the future holds. Our desire is to be an ever present help in time of need. We will be heading into the… Continue reading August Partner Letter

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Serve Tulsa

What is Serve Tulsa? Because we are not able to work in disasters every day of the year we are asked one question more than any other. The one question we are asked is what we do when we are not in a disaster helping? The answer to that question has always been difficult. Because it's impossible… Continue reading Serve Tulsa


Volunteer- Your Rights as a Volunteer

In this blog post we will talk about how you have three "rights" while preparing to serve in a disaster. You have these "rights" to ensure your safety and well-being, as well as the safety and well-being of those around you. Here are your "rights": the "right" heart, the "right" attitude, and the "right" perspective.… Continue reading Volunteer- Your Rights as a Volunteer